- UPDATE - Our 4 Girls & 2 Boy's are old! Born Dec 16th, 2013

About our puppies

Our story

We live in beautiful Central Florida.Our dogs are raised in our home where they receive all our love and care. Establishing a family surrounding and handling the puppies as frequently as possible insures these dogs will be gentle, loving, and playful companions. Our puppies will be desensitized to loud noises such as fireworks, thunder, traffic, and household noises– such as vacuums, and leaf blowers. We don’t want to send a fearful puppy out into a loud noisy world! They will start crate and potty training at a very young age in order to make the transition from puppyhood a bit easier. They will be introduced to grooming tools, as well as frequent bathing. These pups will have their dew claws removed, along with having all age appropriate vaccines and dewormings.

Why a Goldendoodle?

When it comes to having a dog, nothing says perfection like owning a Goldendoodle. A Goldendoodle is a combination of two of the smartest AKC dog breeds. On one side you have a gentle, loving, and intelligent companion; on the other, a regal, confident, and talented friend. Goldendoodle pups are like little teddy bears! The combination of the two breeds gives the dog a non-shedding, softer, looser curl that feels like the fleece on the softest stuffed animal toy you have ever felt! These puppies are F2b doodles, or Multigenerational doodles. With this breeding you are to achieve more predictable coat characteristics, non-shedding or as close to hypoallergenic as possible.

Meet The Parents!


Bella is an F2 Goldendoodle. Both of her parents are F1, first generation cross between the Golden Retriever and Poodle. She is a sweet and loving, gentle girl, and a wonderful mother! She is a large Goldendoodle, 65 pounds 26” at the shoulder. Her coat is a wavy dark apricot/red color. She maintains a lot of the Golden Retriever hunting instincts, and loves to swim! She spends a good deal of her time taking laps in the pool in the summer.


T-Rex, the sire is an extremely intelligent Blue Black Standard Poodle. He is 50 pounds and 25” at the shoulders. He comes from Champion blood lines. He is a very loving and loyal dog. He has fathered dogs that have gone on to be show quality as well as some raven beauties. He loves playing ball in his backyard and has been raised as a family pet.

Last Year's Puppies: Christmas 2012


  • We are so in love with our little Princess. She is the sweetest most cuddly lovable creature I have ever met!!! We decided on the name Princess. My family all voted and decided. Stella loved it too. We are so happy with how fun and curious she is. She is already a part of our family.

    - Ashlee H.
  • We are enjoying Cici very much! She has been a great addition to our family! She has grown quite a bit! We just love her so much!

    - Mary W.
  • Snuggles is doing great. We had her fixed and she did terrific. I would love to have bred her, but just don't have the time. She is the sweetest dog and our kids adore her. They play tug o war with her rope. She barks with it in her mouth--it is hilarious. They play with her constantly. I actually have to give them "calm down time" because they will keep running with her all night. Now that it is warmer, we are going to take her to the beach more often.

    - Kim
  • Since Christmas time, he has fit into our family like another child. He is such a wonderful dog, and our three children love him more than anything! Boy, did he get big. He has not shed a hair since we acquired him! That is great for my allergies. He really doesn't effect me at all. He is very smart, loving, and has a special attraction to my oldest daughter who is 9 years old. He is extremely playful and gets a lot of play time with all of us. He is great around other dogs. He still nips at my kids daily because they allow him, and almost encourage him, to do so. We are continually training him and he passed a local dog training school with flying colors during his first few months. We hope all is well and I will tell you that I will never get a different style of dog. We love "Otto" very much!!

    - Michael B.

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